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Reflection. September 28, 2010

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School is starting tomorrow. Looking back, I was able to accomplish many things that I never once imagine I could do; I have also had a fun filled summer.

Summer activities/happenings recap:

Pismo (twice)
My first baseball game (Mets)
5k (ran two diff ones)
Kitten rescue fur ball
Alisa’s wedding
Kim’s baby shower
Nicole’s engagement announcement
Brian’s proposal to Linh

I’m indeed a lucky girl! I was sure before the start of summer that I was gonna try to get a new job, but I have learned to just deal with my situation. I am lucky and fortunate compared to many others out there!


!! May 20, 2010

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I’m seriously working on it! Keep networking and something good will come out of it


people suck April 21, 2010

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Nails April 19, 2010

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Look at my smurf inspired nails! I love the color


Great news! April 15, 2010

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The new B-school ranking came out on US News!

My school (UCI’s Paul Merage School of Business) is now ranked #36 for its FTMBA program in the US, and the FEMBA program is now ranked #24 in the US! Woo Hoo! Go us!!!

I’m so happy 😀


I sponsored a cat.. April 14, 2010

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Finally. I did something I’ve always wanted to do, but have procrastinated..

Meet Taco, my new sponsored cat.

Taco is a rescued cat that currently resides in the santuary of Kitten Rescue. I have been wanting to volunteer for the KR for sometime now, but due to my busy schedule, I have not had a chance to. So I thought to myself “Why not sponsor a cat?”

For $15/month, I can help sponsor this little guy. You can check out his story at the link below:

Who have you sponsored today?



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Yummy French dip from Houston’s!